EBA Culture Book
The EBA Culture Book provides the ethical framework on which our daily activities are based. The Culture Book reflects our beliefs and values. We presume that everyone in the EBA team is familiar and complies with the letter and spirit of this Culture Book.
we work for a safe, fair, and competitive business environment in Ukraine. We strive to comply with the applicable Ukrainian legislation and encourage other parties to do the same. This helps us uphold the EBA's name and reputation. Our internal procedures and policies matter for us and we tend to follow them.
we work to contribute to the well-being of each EBA team member. Any organisation is a living organism, and we are committed to taking care of ours.
we work to make Ukraine a better place for business. We believe that integration of the European values and standards is the right choice for Ukraine's development. We adhere to the highest ethical standards in our external and internal communication with EBA Members, EBA team, and the Ukrainian general public.

we strive to be responsible for the environment. We are a responsible corporate citizen and use natural resources wisely. We understand the importance of environment protection for our families, Members, and the communities where we work and live.
We work to meet our Members' expectations and create a positive experience
We build, maintain and enhance relationships with our Members based on a shared trust and respect for each other. Relationships consist of episodes, and each episode is important. We are striving for our Members to know that the EBA is able to fulfill their needs and will take care of the commitments that have been made.

We are striving for excellence in delivering the highest quality support to our Members. The EBA is a client-oriented organisation. The comfort and consent of our Members who interact with us are our supreme goals. Therefore we support and try to maintain the highest standards of communication at all stages of our cooperation with Members.
We think twice before making written responses to our Members
When replying to an e-mail, we at the EBA always think about our client-oriented approach. We endeavour to be caring and polite. We thank the person for contacting us / expressing interest in our support, activities, etc. Adding contacts and references from which the person can get more details and/or further assistance is important.

When an EBA team member receives any Member's request which is not related to his / her area of responsibility/expertise, the EBA team member politely replies to the person making an inquiry and indicates the right person to contact.
We appreciate each EBA Member and try to take care of the Members' needs
We strive to provide superior value to our Members. We adhere to the principle that the solution should be found and incorporated in a short time and in a smart way. EBA staff members try to react to each request of the EBA Members within the shortest time and get in touch with our Members to coordinate details of their questions.
We appreciate and are proud of our real-life communication with our Members
When a person comes to our office / a meeting with us / an event venue, we always try to greet him / her personally. We always try to remember people we work with, namely: their names, positions, and companies they work for.

If a Member comes to our office to pick up documents, tickets, or anything else, we try to dedicate some time to certain person.

We meet people with a smile and in a positive mood. We would like to make our Members' day better and brighter.

When hosting a meeting at the EBA office, we always offer a cup of tea / coffee / water to our guests and make sure the guests receive it. We do not mind helping the Secretary to prepare tea / coffee in extra cases – if our help is needed.
We believe that our guests should enjoy their time and the place when they are visiting the EBA office
We try to be attentive to the state of the conference room we are hosting a meeting in. We keep the rooms clean, tidy, and packed with all the necessary stuff (pens, pencils, notepads, glasses, chairs, tables) before and after our meetings. We take care of the EBA office premises. Taking care of all guests' needs is important issue for us.
We are innovative
Our point of differentiation is the way we think, act, and behave. We look at things from the Members' perspective and improve our routines to add value to our core activity. Our team is open-minded and creative; in any situation, we attempt to find an appropriate decision, sometimes by using non-standard approaches.

For example, our dream to promote the development of Ukrainian start-ups, micro- and small businesses came true. The EBA Event team launched the UNLIMIT UKRAINE project, and we are proud of it.

We have always dreamt of transforming the EBA PR & Marketing committees from regular working office meetings to cool and modern hubs, where people enjoy the venue, format, communication, and infotainment content. And the EBA Communications team did it.
We are result-oriented
We make our achievements visible and believe that the result is an important outcome of any activity. We act within the legal framework; it is our duty to apply and obey law. We believe that a win-win situation is the best strategy.

It is important to say "thank you" to all parties involved — business and government representatives.
We share the philosophy of continuous improvement
Each EBA team member is engaged in both self-improvement and the improvement of our organization. We are attentive to our Members' experience and difficulties in cooperation with us and appreciate constructive criticism; so we plan, do, check, and improve.

We believe that complaints of our Members are as important as their commendations.
The Association unites the companies each of them being worldwide known. However, during the years of our collaboration on the Association platform, all of us consider that it is better to use just this brand for defending the rights and interests of our business community. Moreover, we all know that the governmental authorities of Ukraine will listen to us. I wish that the Association will continue to carefully select its members, same as an English gardener makes it understanding that his work is designed not for a year or two but decades ahead. So and in no other way, the words on behalf of the Association will be respectfully accepted at the market.

Serhii Maksymov
Chairman of the Consumer Electronics Committee of the Association in 2013 and 2016, General Director of "BSH Pobutova Technika" (Bosch Siemens)

Ihor Makarov
Chairman of the Consumer Electronics Committee of the Association in 2015 and 2017, General Director of "Miele"
The Association presents a unique platform, where competitors and partners can sit at one table and discuss important issues for the industry. Due to its proactive stand the Association advocates the interests of producers, dealers and ultimate buyers aspiring to find the optimum solution. Taking guidance of the European principles and considering the national peculiarities of Ukraine, the Association contributes greatly to the development of the country closing the gap between Ukraine and Europe.
The results achieved at the current stage indicate how timely our steps were, when we have chosen our direction. We have good intentions and specific goals, which may not be achieved without a successful and strong communication links. Our goal is to build up a real cooperation with our members and partners rather than just moderate the current process. Whenever we get together and I look at our team, I should say that never our team was so strong. Our task is to be at hand when we are required and, due to our activities and promotion, our members know that they can appeal to us while the rest know that we are nearby. It is impossible to avoid changes when running a business and our task is to respond promptly to these changes. Our members or partners dictate their requirements and tell their expectations, and our task is to answer them promptly and effectively. Just such an approach allows us to be ahead of the coming changes. We always say, "Before overcoming high obstacles, we have to overcome the barriers of our own stereotypes".

Alina Boichuk
Member of the Regional Coordination Council of the Western Ukrainian office of the Association, Manager of the South-Western Regional Administration of "PZU Ukraine"

Oleksandr Lazariev
Co-Chairman of the Customs Committee of the Association, Chairman of the Coordination Council of the Association in Odesa, Director of "Lamarin"
For me personally, the EBA means seven years of inspiration due to a chance to communicate openly with the most experienced representatives of business community as well as to talk frankly to representatives of all branches of Government. Discussions move our country ahead and make it possible to change business environment towards European values.

The EBA means a business environment, which fully shares the values required to achieve success. It is not individual achievements of thousands of companies that united, not declarative victories but a success based upon a step-by-step build-up of the foundation, as of now, of fair and transparent rules of the game. Partnership relations both between the companies-members of the Association and the Government enable to maintain the dialogue of such sincerity and quality, which may guarantee occurrence of changes.
The Association makes the platform for effective communication between business and governmental authorities, local self-government bodies and public institutions. The Association ensures face-to-face dialogue with the entities that make decisions on behalf of the state and allows members to tell such entities not only the problems that businesses face in Ukraine but also to jointly develop the methods of their settlement and extend the best European practices of doing business.

The Association is a community that unites representatives of business working in various spheres, who speak the same language – language of the Law, and demand the same from other market players and the state. This dialog is aimed at business development via mutual build-up of the best place for business, development of the rule-of-law and more economically developed state.

The Association is a tool enabling to set up a real and transparent business community and investment climate. The Association's team ensures accomplishment of such common initiatives of its members through rapid and viable advocacy mechanisms, legislative initiatives or getting problems and proposals of its members to attention of the public and governmental authorities.

On the values of the Association:
Transparency is the major value, which the Association supports and cultivates. Just for me, it means transparency in business rules, transparency of communication with governmental authorities and local self-government bodies, transparency of actions, intentions and declarations. Transparency is the environment that leaves no chances for corruption. If there is nothing to conceal, then transparency is of value for business and not a threat to it. It is impossible to demand a fair judicial system and economically strong state and, at the same time, rely on a possibility of corruptive methods of solving problems, using various approaches to corruption while objecting and tolerating this phenomenon. The entire business community should understand it, and the EBA facilitates such understanding proving a real significance and possibility to conduct business with European values in mind, one of the main values being transparency and zero tolerance of corruption.

Innovation is the next value. The world does not stand still, and business, like the state, develops due to innovations. New requirements necessitate novel advanced solutions, new technologies and changes. Those companies that understand it first and implement such new technologies in their practice without reservation or, moreover, create them will always be leaders of the market. The Association supports innovations and facilitates spread of novel ideas and development of advanced solutions.

Natalia Anokhina
Chairperson of the Legal Committee of the Western Ukrainian office of the Association, Senior Lawyer, Attorney of JSC "Arzinger"

Markiian Malskyi
Member of the Regional Coordination Council of the Western Ukrainian office of the Association, Partner, Head of the Western Ukrainian Branch of Arzinger Law Firm, Attorney-at-law, Honorary Consul of the Austrian Republic in Lviv
On impressions gained in experience of collaboration with the Association:
The Association unites spiritually unanimous people each of them being a professional in own trade. The Association members are united by common goals and values, and it is our values that necessitate conscientious approach to selection of only lawful methods to achieve our goals.
Interaction with the Association enables to turn an initiative into active joint effort, which results really change business environment. Such common work allows of transparent and efficient influence upon administration of the law practices, reveal and eliminate legal gaps, improve regulatory activity of the state and enhance investment climate and business ethics. The Association sets up European standards of running business and interaction with governmental and public institutions. The Association became a voice of responsible business, which is not only heard, but which opinion is taken into consideration.

On values the Association advocates in its activities:
Two most precious values are the rule of law and transparency in rules of running business, advocacy and other activities of the Association.
The rule of law cannot be guaranteed in the absence of complete transparencyof the processes, and TRANSPARENCY builds up the law-based society where the law and justice are respected.
Comprehension of these values, their promotion in business environment and monitoring of the governmental authorities' adherence to them is the key both to the investment climate improvement and to the development of the rule of law state.
The Association and its members join and cherish these values demonstrating that they can be efficiently implemented in the Association's activities and facilitate their implementation in activities of other businesses and governmental institutions.
There are many of those, who ask me why I need the European Business Association. What is in it exactly for me? Why spend my resources and participate in this organization?

At the beginning, I was being excited and tried to explain it emotionally. Now I have several rational arguments, why I am not just a Chairman of the Real Estate, Investment and Strategic Development Committee but also a Member of the Coordination Council of Kharkiv Office of the Association:

First, the Association means a fantastic opportunity for advocacy! Wherever I appeal, whatever level of problem I need to solve, the European Business Association is like an open sesame – it opens every door and assists to enter any chambers. The number of events held by the Association at any level – either national or regional – runs high! Moreover, these are not only highly specialized events but also communication with civil servants of all kinds. It inspires respect as well that everywhere people listen to the opinion of the Association: from local authorities to legislative bodies.

Second, it means establishment of working contacts with foreign partners and ambassadors of, practically, all European countries. I cannot even recollect the number of working meetings arranged by the European Business Association.

Third, diversified training events held within the frame of the European Business Association for employees of the company. The special-purpose committees function very effectively and differ one form another not only in numbers but also in quality. It is particularly useful that our employees can gain practical experience of the leading companies of various industries.

Fourth, the diverse recreational and sports events. I personally take part in them with great pleasure, and my employees monitor them and ask to be entered on the list of participants.

Finally, the fifth: the Association is a spectacular networking! Like a magnet, the Association attracts such a number of phenomenal persons whom it is very pleasant to communicate with and have common business!

In addition, the main point: the European Business Association means people! True characters! Ready to assist! Professional! I would like to express sincere thanks to all executives of the Association headed by Anna Derevianko, and, PARTICULARLY at the regional level headed by Iryna Konovalova! It is exceptionally comfortable to work with you! Thanks for the great and spectacular impressions!!!

Igor Balaka
Member of the Coordination Council of the Association in Kharkiv, Director General of "PPF "Krona"

Andriy Salamatov
Chairman of the Marketing Committee of the Association in Odesa, Co-founder of the Creative Agency "4Press"
The word "synergy" conveys the idea of the maximum consolidation of business in this country. The Association enables to get new knowledge and business contacts, find new partners/contractors/clients, maintain communication with the government bringing pressing problems of entrepreneurs to its representatives and actively influence the investment climate. Every day the Association diligently performs this responsible mission that is the ultimate goal of this organization – alliance for the development.
The European Business Association is an example of active and effective organization. I like courage, reality and effectiveness of the programs and projects that are being accomplished by the Association.

BDO company in Ukraine possesses a multiyear positive experience of cooperation with the Association both at the national and regional levels. For us, it presents an opportunity to support relevant initiatives of the Ukrainian business, share our own experience and develop joint social, educational and sports initiatives.

Innovations, build-up of strong partnership relations and transparency of the Association's activities, which are confirmed by annual audit reports of BDO in Ukraine – these are the important corporate values, which our company shares and supports!

Alla Savchenko
Head of the Coordination Council of the Association in Dnipro, President of BDO Audit Company in Ukraine

Serhii Uschapovskyi
Member of the Coordination Council of the Association in Dnipro, Executive Director of Protechmash Industrial & Production Company
I have been a volunteer with the EBA in Dnipro for seven years before joining my company to the largest business community in Ukraine.

Innumerable quantity of meetings has taken place during these years, thousands of relationships have been established, a lot of decisions of all levels of complexity have been made – everything was made for the sake of a single goal – business must work! It should really work: powerfully and fruitfully, not just try to survive.

From the viewpoint of the business, where I am working, the European Business Association presents the most effective set of tools for protection of companies, advocating interests, establishment of business and diplomatic links, work at the legislative level, education and development of one's personal and the staff skills.

Every business should be with the Association.

We are strong together.

Join us!
The experience of mutual relationship gained by "Agrofusion" Group of Companies, when working with the Association is, for our partners and us, an example of joint clearing system obstacles and obsolete views that we have to overcome and fight in order to implement new approaches to upgrading of administrative levers in the relations between the state and business. It should be recognized that it is the European Business Association that is, today, the undoubted leader and locomotive of accumulation and formation of main directions and approaches for liberalization of the tax, administrative and investment climate in Ukraine. Personal efforts of the Board members aimed at support and invigoration of the relations between Ukraine and the EU give a strong impulse to modernization of production capacities and marketing strategies of the Association members, which are based on meaningful and transparent European values and high social standards. We are proud to be members of this strong team, which enables us to achieve our tasks and solve problems of any complexity efficiently, professionally and promptly. We have no doubts that in future this united and self-reliant team will continue to transform ideas, answer inquiries and meet challenges reaching specific results in the investment climate recovery in the agricultural sector and renewing trust and confidence in transparent and fair regulatory leverage.

At the time of incomprehensible and contradictory uncertainties and challenges in the economy sphere it was and is of utmost importance to implement and adhere to a high level of corporate culture based on European values by each enterprise that cherishes such principles. Zero tolerance to corruption that destructs everything slows down accomplishment of investment projects and considerably distorts and decelerates the investment climate. Zero tolerance is not only a value for each member of the Association Board, but also a collective strength of all, without exception, its members who have a possibility to express their contempt for shadow schemes, frauds and outrages of officials, despite high positions and status, while demonstrating by their own example the standards of impeccable ethical behaviour, virtues and exemplary image. Readiness to stand for the rights of the Association members while displaying impartiality and high moral and ethical standards of business behaviour of its members is the fundamental corporate value of the Association and a reliable signpost for its followers and future members.

Ivan Sakal
Chairman of the Agricultural Working Group of the Association in Odesa, Financial Director of "Agrofusion" Group of Companies
We respect integrity and honesty
We do transparent and open collective advocacy. Our advocacy work is based on truthful communication with the government officials and other interested persons, and we always seek to provide factually correct, up-to-date, and accurate information.

We advocate for effective governance, sustainable, rational, and effective solutions.
We promote zero tolerance to corruption
We conduct advocacy activities in a fair and professional manner. We promote and strictly adhere to zero tolerance to corruption principle in all our advocacy endeavours.

We advocate only evidence-based measures and never donations, gifts, bribes, or any other payments to influence policy-makers. We never provide or promise any gifts, favours, or other benefits to a public office holder.

We strongly believe that "Corruption … undermines democracy and the rule of law, leads to violations of human rights, distorts markets, erodes the quality of life..." (Kofi Annan, 2003).
We are an independent organisation
We reject any inappropriate influence or pressure from any external parties in our decision-making process. Our independence is not compromised.
We are open and truthful in our communication with all parties
Our experts treat all stakeholders – both business and public officials – with respect, civility, dignity, and fairness.
We stand for professional excellence
We maintain our understanding of governance processes and improve the quality of the work we do in order to represent the EBA Members in a competent and professional manner.

We strive for excellence in the design and delivery of our work by providing fair, timely, efficient, and effective solutions. Our positions are based on logical arguments, legitimate business interests, and world practices and values for the best future of Ukraine.

Our strength is in our collective knowledge and sharing of experience. We work together with all parties in the spirit of openness, honesty, and transparency; we value and recognize the importance of teamwork, therefore we at the EBA foster a work environment that promotes learning, innovation, engagement, inclusion, and creativity.
Duty to governmental institutions
We exhibit proper respect for Ukrainian and international governmental institutions before which we represent and advocate the Members' interests. We never act in a manner that will undermine public confidence and trust in the democratic governmental process and principles. We vigorously and diligently advance and advocate respect for the rule of law. We do not act in a manner that shows disrespect for state institutions.

We do not support actions that cause a public official to violate any law, regulation, or rule applicable to that government official.
We protect the information entrusted to us
We are strongly convinced that the relations with our Members should be based on confidence. If we receive any confidential information, we do our best to protect it. We are open to signing confidentiality notes, clauses, and non-disclosure agreements. We do not act on or share any insider information received from our Members without a prior informed consent.

Volodymyr Omelian
Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine
The Association is a unique dialogue platform with high work standards where representatives of the leading companies and the government can fairly and sincerely discuss the most topical problems of joint work, specifically in the sphere of infrastructure. Each meeting, panel discussion and expert debate means new thoughts and constructive dialogue that facilitate intensification of our partnership in the transport sector. Of great importance for the Ministry of Infrastructure is the "Infrastructure Day", when the Logistics Committee of the Association brings together representatives of business, experts and civil servants of the Ministry and concerned state enterprises to discuss the current state of development and reformation of the infrastructure of Ukraine. During this and other events, all participants have a chance to share their thoughts and hear each other, find common points and share their future plans.

Values and corporate culture of the Association give examples of what the philosophy of contemporary European company work should be. A person, who is the highest value, the highest standards of business culture and mutual respect, zero tolerance to corruption and honest partnership relations, openness and readiness to change – all these virtues are advocated by the Association every day and that is what changes other people for the best.
For me, the EBA means long-time colleagues and new acquaintances, like-minded people and people with different views, who are continually striving to improve the business environment in Ukraine. It means meetings and interesting events, workshops and technical work in the committees. All of this great work is overseen by a dynamic and proactive management, headed by Anna who tirelessly endeavours to resolve the perpetual tangle of problems between business and the authorities, and create common ground between them. Overall, the EBA constitutes an amazing set of tools and opportunities, which can and should be used.

Denys Shendryk
Co-Chairman of the Customs Committee of the Association, Manager of indirect tax practices and customs regulation of "PwC Ukraine"

Oleksii Chaika
President of "VIDI Group"
In February 2016, the automobile dealer company "VIDI Group" approved the decision to enter the European Business Association. There, in this public community, "VIDI" found like-minded people, who share the most important values of the company, namely: a rule-of-law principle, aspiration for democratic changes in the society, harmonization of economic relations with European standards, global partnership, etc. We believe that adherence to these principles makes it possible not just to accelerate processes in the automobile and other markets of Ukraine, but also to improve quality of business and the level of economic development of the country, that is welfare and safety of our citizens.

Understanding the power of industry-wise unity within the Association, "VIDI" was eager to support the EBA initiative as to establishment of the Automotive Committee, wherein our company most actively participates.
It is of utmost importance for me that the Association is politically neutral, diplomatic and prudent. This is the organization, which attitudes are not personalized in certain political figures or processes, which is very important for Ukraine, where even in business climate and reformation decisions are quite often being taken depending on a current situation and in the emotion of the moment.

The Association is of value for me as a bright manifestation of a civil society and an example of a civilized, honest and open partnership between the government and business.

Iryna Zdorevska
Co-Chairperson of the Regulatory Committee of the Association, "Amway Ukraine"

Andrii Shkliar
Co-Chairman of the Logistics Committee of the Association, Manager of Expert Direction of the Centre for Transport Strategies
Platform of the European Business Association is the most efficient mechanism for reaching consensus and common vision of market development. The Association always takes a proactive stance involving the maximum number of stakeholders to participate in a dialogue, which quite often plays a decisive role in the formation of a common vision of the required changes. High ethical standards and level of keeping discussions definitely facilitate a constructive search for mutually profitable solutions that are useful for the market and the industry.
Membership in the Association helps not only to solve problems within the company / business, but also to look at them from another perspective, to get acquainted with other participants from other spheres of business, to share experience when solving various problems, to exchange thoughts and widen our horizons. All these things will definitely result in business development.

It is good that adherence to European values exists outside of the Association and within it. The main value is a person, and I am very much obliged to leaders and team of the Central Office, especially to the manager and team of the Southern Ukrainian office of the Association.

Viktor Berestenko
Chairman of the Transport Task Group of the Association in Odesa, Co-Founder of "Inter Trans Logistics"
We respect our people
We tend to create long-term relationships with our people. Our employees are guaranteed appropriate treatment with complete respect of their human rights provided for by international and Ukrainian laws. We strictly condemn any form of human rights and dignity violation.
We promote zero tolerance to all forms of discrimination
EBA does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, age, religion or religious creed, disability or handicap, sex or gender, gender identity and / or expression, sexual orientation, military or veteran status, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected under applicable international, state, or local law.

For example, we elaborated and adopted the Regulation of the European Business Association on prohibition of workplace discrimination dated 24 June 2015.
We work to provide a healthy and safe work environment
We are committed to maintaining a healthy and safe work environment in our working place. Dangerous, abusive, or violent behaviour, or any threat of such behaviour, is prohibited and will not be tolerated.
We promote professional and personal development of our people
We understand that our competitive advantage is based on the professionalism of our people. We create opportunities for continuous studying and promote an individual approach to each EBA employee. The EBA HR and Management Development team work hard on various personal studying programs and courses for the EBA team.
We take care of our employees' social needs
EBA employees are officially employed, and we respect labour law. We believe that our team deserves comfort and a decent life.
Our communications are built on mutual respect and honesty
Internal communication between our employees is carried out in a polite and honest form. Our team members strive to develop their communication skills and condemn any rudeness or inappropriate behaviour in their professional communication.
We call back and respond to the requests of our colleagues
We stand for effective communication inside our team. Each EBA executive team member obeys a simple rule: call the colleagues back and respond to their request within the shortest time.
We respect our suppliers
We create long-term partnerships with our suppliers that are beneficial for both sides. Our relations are based on mutual trust and open communication.
We behave professionally with our suppliers
We properly document our contractual relationships in accordance with our internal procedures and legal requirements. We understand that contractual conditions with our suppliers should correspond to our previous arrangements. We meet our contractual obligations.
Reputation of our suppliers is important to us
We avoid working with counterparties that behave unfairly, do not respect the law, or break their contractual obligations.

For example, we verify information provided by our (potential) suppliers very carefully and always ask for documents that confirm the official capacities of respective persons.

Andriy Stelmashchuk
Managing Partner of "Vasil Kisil & Partners"
Vasil Kisil & Partners is an official legal partner of the European Business Association since 2008.

Our cooperation is based upon common values of transparency, openness, zero tolerance to corruption. That is why we, together with the Association, work at harmonizing the legal base and improve business environment in Ukraine.

It is important that this platform, which unites responsible companies, closes the gap to European principles of business and efficient interaction between business and the authorities in order to improve the investment climate in the country.
By the end of 2015, we first met as partners with the European Business Association in Ukraine and commenced to negotiate our partnership relations. In the beginning of 2016, we stepped in the active partnership.

To be a member or to be a partner of the Association makes great difference! To do one's job and receive a positive response for it brings great satisfaction but to work in such a team and receive such warm response gives rise, in return, to a sharp desire to develop and maintain such relationship in future! (In the coming year the European Business Association will become the first organization to test our new product for business and every visitor to the Association's office will be able to see it).

Dear Association, we grow together, great thanks to you for your work to make us more productive in the current reality!

Oleksiy Avsiyevych
General Director of "2Amovers"

Andriy Bublyk
Governmental Relations and Communications Manager of Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine
Being a member of the European Business Association as of 2002, we have access to a great wealth of experience, precious information and knowledge required for making business in Ukraine. Our partnership also gives us a possibility to represent our company in a wide spectrum of social and official events held by the Association, as well as widen our contacts. We want to award the devoted and professional team of the Association that works in compliance with the best European values and practices and wish that the Association will facilitate further harmonization of business environment in Ukraine and accelerate economic and legal integration of Ukraine into the European Union.
Many years of cooperation between EY and the EBA open lots of opportunities for business development. We readily share our knowledge with labour market players, helping them to develop and implement the best people management practices. We take a great pleasure in exchanging our experience with the leading employers, in particular, through the EBA channels. Our projects accomplished in cooperation with the EBA are valuable for all stakeholders because they ensure direct communication with the target audience – the leading companies in their industries who are united by a desire to improve the business environment and enhance business transparency. We are happy to continue our partnership with the Association and sincerely wish all its members many interesting and remarkable events useful for the whole business community.

Olga Gorbanovska
Partner, Head of People Advisory Services practice for EY in Ukraine

Dr. Nikolaos Dimitriadis
Development Director, Executive Development Institute, the University of Sheffield International Faculty, CITY College
Tough times require bold strategies, and cooperation is the only meaningful strategy in our unruly and violent world! The International Department of Sheffield University – City College – has found in the Association its ideal partner as the Association of a leading business community in Ukraine. Working together, we already proposed numerous opportunities for Ukrainian managers to extend their knowledge and skills, grow as businessmen and as personalities. Our common duty is to ensure the world level of education for our contemporary managers, to assist them to become real leaders – that is what closely unites us with our partners. We promise that our joint efforts aimed at essential improvement of required executive skills will continue along with even more interesting topics, projects and activities.
If you do not understand any of the principles expressed in the EBA Culture Book or need any advice on how to apply them, please contact EBA management team to discuss these issues or get answers to your questions (concerns). This Culture Book does not supersede any other existing or future EBA guidances, internal procedures, regulations, etc.
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